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My wife and I had the pleasure of using Good to Go to organize our front closet and kitchen. The entire process was great! Not only did Candice work her magic to make our space more efficient, her enthusiasm was infectious. She was professional through and through and made the act of getting organized actually fun! Now every time I open the closet or a drawer it puts a smile on my face. I would recommend Good to Go to anyone who needs to get a corner of their world less cluttered and more organized.
Thanks Good to Go!
Michael M.,
Port Moody

Candice came to my rescue yesterday and I am so happy she did. She suggested that I could reorganize my kitchen shelves by placing the lighter objects and items I used most often on the counter and easier to reach shelves,, while heavier items were rearranged so that I could access them  more easily and ones that I seldom used would be placed on the higher shelving  and in the backs of the cupboards. Thank you Candice for putting the "Joy" back into me and my kitchen!
Susanna P.,

We called Candice at Good To Go Professional Organizing, and asked for her help.  She was happy to oblige and came over to help us get organized for the move.  She helped us pack in an organized fashion, ensuring we would be able to find everything at the other end.  She helped us to de-clutter some of the stuff we had been hanging on to for years, without using it.  She was able to talk us through the process, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  We were totally ready for the move, and could not have done it without her help.  Once the move was underway, she even helped us to do a very professional clean-up of the old apartment, resulting in us getting the entire security deposit back, it was GREAT!

We would highly recommend Candice if you need assistance with de-cluttering your home, organizing your stuff, and learning the techniques to keep things straight!  If you are moving, she can help you with the whole thing from start to finish.
Thanks Candice!!!

Thea B.,

 hired Candice last month to help me with cleaning and organizing my home for
the Spring. It was a fantastic experience!    
She made great suggestions on incorporating some shelving for my closet to maximize the storage space. We went to the thrift shop up the street, and found the perfect unit. We re-arranged the closets in my bedroom, and made decisions about what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of. We sorted stuff into "keep, sell, give-away" - did lots of recycling.
We organized my boxes of old photos and all of my office paperwork. We filled up my recycling bins, and we had a carload of items which were donated to charity. She even reorganized my laundry room and storage area, which she was cleaning as she went along. It was great!
Yours truly, 

Carol B.,