Greening it Up
  • Setting up easy to use, easy to maintain recycling systems throughout your home
  • Assessing cleaning products and their environmental impact - offering ideas about alternative products which are effective and gentler on your environment
  • Working to help you learn ways to reduce waste going forward
The Maintenance Package

When things used to have a home, but the organization has started to slide and things are piling up in random places throughout your home… we can work with you to do a sweep of the house and put things back where they belong, or find new homes for items that make more sense.  It's a tune-up to help your system function better for you.
Sourcing of storage items to fit your budget and shopping are services that we can also provide to make the process smooth for you.

Movin' On
  • Supporting you throughout the process of preparing to move by packing
  • Working with you to set up your new space, unpack and settle in

Closet Clarity
  • Organizing closets and storage cupboards to maximize your space, creating efficient and easy to maintain storage solutions
  • Sorting through items and helping you make decisions about what to keep
  • Assisting with placement of your items throughout the house, so that your space makes sense to you
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