At Good To Go Professional Organizing, we are passionate about organizing and providing our clients with the space that allows them to have more:
  • More time
  • More peace
  • More harmony in their lives
Having a space that you feel great in is not just about where you are keeping your stuff; it's about being able to relax, and know that your home is where your heart is.

At Good To Go Professional Organizing, we want you to love the space that you are in and we are committed to helping you achieve this.

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Our approach is unique in that we strive to not only assist our clients in transforming their personal space into one that is organized and functions well for them, we also put an emphasis on being gentler to the environment.

Candice Taylor is the Owner & Operator of Good To Go Professional Organizing.
Candice has always had a passion for organizing and creating beautiful and functional spaces; in fact, Candice has been doing this in various capacities for as long as she can remember.

With an uncanny ability to think outside the box and a knack for sorting spaces, Candice is able to offer unique ideas for storage and organizing solutions. 

She works to get to the bottom of things and teaches organizational skills to her clients while involving them in the
transformation. Her unmistakable love for what she does brings enthusiasm to the experience and makes the process fun.

With over 10 years' experience as a counsellor, Candice approaches each project with a high degree of professionalism, understanding, and sensitivity.  She understands that every person is unique, and that what makes sense for their personal space will be different, depending on the individual.

Candice is dedicated to providing a personalized service that creates positive and lasting change for her clients and their surrounding environments.

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